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 Summary: Allen Iverson leaving and joining became the key point that the A.I fans cares. Now both A.I and fans should thank 76ers that now A.I has place to show himself and we can see A.I playing again. Maybe it is only a corner in his car

 Days before, we saw a video that Allen Iverson was crying. I am sure that many people have seen it and lots of them leave their comments. All I want to say is do not judge a person without any trying. It just like you has already ordered your favorite cheap wedding dress from the on-line shop, such as the Once you find the bad comments on your products and you will feel disappointed and hate that company. This video didn't show the first question that brought Allen to tears, so we really don't know why he got so emotional. BTW, Allen is just like Kobe; he's a good ball player, but not a virtuous ball team player. In Detroit, Allen was the 6th player and didn't like being asked to sit on the bench. We are all Not sure about his Memphis days, but I got a feeling the chemistry wasn't there. Has he changed or learned any lessons? Let's wait and see.


From his basket playing history we can see that Iverson has always been an emotional, passionate person. That is why I know that he is one of the best ever to grace the court. We all have our moments. Especially when you think that something is going be taken away from your but then you see that you get another chance.


I've always been a fan of A.I. he just was going through something. his Memphis days seem not so good. He had to get those demons out of him. Even though there are still gonna be ups and down but he has to keep God first. Maybe A.I. will learn to humble himself. But I want t tell you that I applaud Allen for doing this. This is showing just how human he really is. Now I can't say the same for Libran James and Kobe Bryant. They're the ones who need to really humble themselves. They're totally cocky and way overrated.


AI return to 76ers made us think a lot. How his life goes in the future all depend on him. The people who insist on another man may because he loves to play ball. like what he said “if you take ball away from me the only thing i know is how to do is be a good father”. So let the man do what he good at and what he likes. No matter what you do in this world someone is surely going to not like it or hate.

“A.I is a true nigga, he is the best in the game, look deeper than basketball. Everybody make mistakes it's apart of our life. He has millions of millions of dollars and he's so emotional after 12 years he still has the same feeling for the game. I respect this nigga.” One of his fans said.


What actually happened to AI in the future is unknown. Let’s wait and see.

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