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 Summary: the year 2009 will go over soon. In 2009, we grow up and learn something, so does the amusement circle. In the amusement circle some one won the harvest and someone loss lots of thing.

  1 Harvest year.

To lady gaga and Taylor swift, it is a harvest year. They are nominated several times in the 2009 Grammy rewords. Although they are all new faces in the music circle, they are popular around the world.


Depends on the talent of music and the wired fashion way, lady gaga has become the new trend in the fashion monde. Her song is satisfaction to most people, her hair style freak lots of people (it is wigs), her bodysuits wearing scared the world. Some one even predicts that lady gaga’s weird fashion way will leading the world fashion development. She seldom wears pants, because she said that her grandma could not see it. So the under wear and the sexy bodysuits with a jacket is her style. Some one said that she is wearing the lingerie walk on the street , but her bodysuits and lingerie is really cheap, not as good as the one from milanoo.com (www.milanoo.com )


Taylor swift is another new face in the Grammy nomination, she is totally different from lady gaga and her style is country music.  She is popular for her new singleTim McGraw,her song style was loved by people and lots of people said that she is sure the pop star in the future.


Days before there are some one on the internet compare her with lady gaga and Beyonce in the same milanoo.com (www.milanoo.com ) cheap wedding dress, we are not sure who will be the winner. But now beyonce is queen in the music. Those two new faces should try hard if they want to catch up with the “big sis”


2 Sad year


Months before, tiger woods fell on the earth from the heaven because of a car crash. The media finds out his mistresses. Now we know there are 9, but a friend of him said that it is only the tips of the iceberg. Now his wife move out from home with his two children and his mother was totally hurt by him but always support him. His ads were disappeared. It would be a big loss in fame and the finance. Maybe years later tiger would recover his fame or he would disappear from the sports world. After all he is a talent golf player. we hope he could be back. Now he is definitely the one was buried in the year 2009.


No matter it is sad year or harvest year, they are all successful.

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