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Summary: Is the mix up of the different wearing of lady gaga predict the fashion of the fashion trend of the future, will you be the one to follow? Lady Gaga’s zentai suits’ wearing is surely leads the zentai fashion. In the future, the zentai fashion will be the mainly trends in the fashion world.

These days, there is weird lady name herself lady gaga has been known by all over the world. She is not as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston, she is not as charming as Angelina Jolie, and also her song was not as popular as Beyonce, but she is famous now. her show up lead to burst of screaming and discussion. Many stars also specifically to imitate her dress. She is dinger first, but what we know more about her is her "Minnie Mouse head". The bow hair, white bodysuits, sexy lingerie with a jacket, the sexy catsuits with a Gothic black jacket and the sexy underwear really frighten the world. When those weird clothing goes with the Flip-Up Shades sunglasses, she is the weird lady in the mixing of different styles.

Her weird wearing style may mislead the world fashion, but it benefits lots of the manufacturers of the bodysuits and sexy lingerie, especially the china wholesale companies. In the next two or three month, lady gaga will be the one that the entire world followed. And the manufacture is surely being the sunrise industry. Especially the one like mialnoo.com, whose products are in varied styles and low price, will earn the most of the market share.


Lady Gaga's slogan is: "I am not fashion brand, stacking materials, I create fashion!" As if she is the fashion brand. Lady Gaga is the best representative is the "Minnie Mouse head" which is now popular all over the world, has been a public social model and lots of actress rushing to imitate. And some of the netizens even said that it is the copy from Ms Bai in Chinese play The Legend of White Snake. The only difference is that lady gaga’s Minnie head is white.


Her extremely thick mascara, "electrician" style sunglasses, gelatinous bodysuits, underwear in a jacket, leather corset, tight-fitting briefs and three-dimensional structural coat is surely exist before and lady gaga is the one who dare to mix them up and show to the public. Now image who dare to wear the underwear in a coffee house and walking on the street, only lady gaga could, but in the future, all we can.

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