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Lady Gaga said that her father thought she was “Mentally Unstable”. What do you think?

She is normal I think, all of us want to shop on the internet and if we find a good on-line store, such as the No matter how cheap it is, how well the quality is. We like it. the cheap wedding dress, the wholesales of the Christmas gift, the special offer if the animation clothing. Lady Gaga has certainly made her mark over the past year, not just with hit singles like "Paparazzi" and "Bad Romance" but also with the level of performance art she brings to their live and television renditions, which include her "dying" at the VMAs and performing with her piano on fire at the American Music Awards.

There is a people on the internet ask that “Why didn't she ask Michelle, Sarah, Glen and Brett about their sex lives? "Michelle, how do you and the President find time for nooky these days?" "Brett, how do you deal with groupies on the road? Have you bedded any?" "Sarah, it is true what they say about conservative women, that they're wild in bed? Were you a virgin when you got married?" Why focus just on the sex lives of the two who have acknowledged their being gay or bisexual?”

So why do other people have to try to rain on her? People talk down on her just because she is different from all the others. It's total bull crap. Two thumbs up for Lady Gaga. She is amazing. She is my favorite music artist of all time. At least someone had the balls to be different, and open and honest. And ***** anyone who doesn't like it.

Also there's not equality treatment for them. But I don’t care what that old women says, I love Adam Lambert and have a very deep respect for Gaga

I want to tell you guys that she is same with us. We should not judge her once we could not handle it. I love Lady Gaga. She is amazing. She has wicked talent and her songs are also amazing. Her live performance could blow us away. . She is a breath of fresh air, unlike all these other singers out there. Because of the fact she IS different. She mixes things up, she does things most artists would not even imagine doing. So why do other people have to try to rain on her?

Do not judge things only if you do not know it.

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