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Do not judge anyone else for not being perfect unless you do!


Unlike the Frugal Gourmet, Tiger Woods did not cross the line of no redemption. He is just another flawed great man who has accomplished great things while cheating on his wife.


This man owns much money during each season. Living in the Luxurious villa and driving the luxury cars. That’s it. What about the rest of the money. I want say that every healthy and wealthy man has an affair with someone. It is not the wholesale company Milanoo.com (www.milanoo.com ) can explain why tiger became difference. His lovers do not like the cheap wedding dress and the cheap wedding shoes and also he do not want give those things to lovers. He is a public person. All of those things are “engage in the underground situation”.


Whenever a professional man, black or white falls, no black woman is ever behind it but whenever a professional black man falls, check out who is normally behind it. Always white women. Look what marrying one did to OJ - jail. Look how sex with one for one night told lies on Kobe and almost sent him to jail. McNair never lived to tell his tales because she wiped out his tail. Now who was slinging the famous golf club that has put Tiger's life that his black dad built in this mess? It is A white woman who Tiger gave a life, a name and face. Tell me that his dad is not turning in his grave to see his son give up what made him for a white woman? Lionel Richie cheated on his black wife with a white woman and married her. He had to give up his career because of her jealous insecurities. He was miserable and went back to what made him - singing. She left him because she could not stand what she did to a black woman happening to her.


Elin cheated with Tiger on his ex so it is karma. White women are aggressive knickers swingers and controlling! Was anyone crying poor Mrs. McNair? Nope! The kardashians will take 2 more idiots down soon.


The sad thing about all of this is that we now know that there are so many people out there with a "holier than thou" complex. If you're not perfect, then don't judge anyone else for not being perfect


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