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As Chris Rock so entertainingly said many years ago, “it’s the first of the month!” And, with the arrival of March, comes the news of new arrivals on a very popular reality competition show. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s get to the good news quick, with Quick Hits!


Dancing With The Stars” 2010 lineup leaked


The show that your girlfriend insists on watching, and you have no choice because Goodfellas isn’t on TNT, “Dancing With The Stars” showcases a group of perhaps down-on-their-luck celebrities, and the occasionally awesome sports superstar of past (tip o’ the hat, Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith to dance, baby, dance. The lineup for the next season (number 10, for those of you counting) of “DWTS” was supposed to be revealed Monday evening during the season finale of “The Bachelor.”




    * "Dancing With The Stars" 2010 lineup leaked to the internet

    * DWTS season 10 cast reportedly includes Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin and Chad Ochocinco

    * Bad news: You'll probably have to watch this instead of Goodfellas


However, the wascally Rabbits of the internet got a hold of some of the names expected to appear on the “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 lineup, and boy, they are...names. Names like Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin and last, but certainly not least by a long shot, Cincinnati Bengal/mayor of Crazytown Chad Ochocinco. No other names have been reported at this time, but all is expected to be revealed at the season finale for “The Bachelor.”


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