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Google said it will leave China, but days latter, it is still in.

If Google want make trick on this issue, then it will be a huge shock of its business. The local business will carry out the same way as before and most of the on line foreign trade companies like ( ) will not go bankrupt as Google leaving China. I just want say Things that happened after the declaration is complex than before, let’s get a deep think and we will find something.


Before the declaration, the Chinese Writers Association take Google to the court because of their illegal copy of Chinese masterwork, then the biggest search engine of China, Baidu,com was attacked by hacker, then Google announced that Google would leave China, then Google want to directly negotiated with Chinese government. It is so ridiculous.


Google taking a stand against China really changes nothing. The average Chinese internet user will just get over it and switch to if they weren't using it already. Not that it was about "free speech" to begin with, and everyone knows it. The Chinese do have their own culture. If change needs to happen, it happens in their own pace, and as much as I like Google as a company, they won't be the ones to bring change to China.


More importantly, people need to get out of their heads the idea that the Chinese are living under an oppressive totalitarian system. People's day to day life there is almost identical to what we have here; they eat, drink, watch TV, watch movies, worry about their mortgage, etc. etc. and are as uninvolved in politics as your average North American. If there is censorship, it doesn't affect the Chinese way of living in any noticeable manner. Not every country under communist rule is like North Korea, you know.


A patriotic personage of China leaves a comment said that Google leaving China is not a big deal, we have our Google wants directly negotiated with Chinese government, no way. Another said that God laughs when Google said they want to directly negotiate with Chinese government, if Google want to leave China, just go.

Yes, Google, just go.