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The most common dishes for Pumpkin Pie, but wow, this Halloween is 2010 Halloween day, do not let a carved pumpkin be the only refresh frighrening Halloween freast. Do you want some more delicious and devilish bites, here I could list some, please check and enjoy.
1 Chocolate Speders
Black body, red eye and pale teeth, it is really scared at the first glance. But calm down, it is really made of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. Look at the pictures, the eyes are made of cinnamon candy, the 8 legs are 8 pieces of black licorice. For fangs, you could cut out a tiny cone shapes from a mrshmallow and then arrach.
2 Ladies Fingers and Men’s Toes

Look at them, they are so alive, these are lifelike pertzel fingers and they are really worth the effort to make them. Let me guess, they are made savory corn. They are really good food to scaring Halloween party goods.

3 This is maybe the most disguesting Halloween food here.
The Crunchy Doughnut Eyeballs. These frightful favors might be scary on the outside, but they’ll have kids screaming for more after the first bite. Tender doughnut holes covered in melted white chocolate make an easy base for these gruesome after-dinner sweets. God.

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