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Summary: Buying a prom dress is a rite of passage for many teenage girls, one that may not feel so important until it's time to shop for a wedding gown. Yet this purchase can be hugely nerve-wracking: will you find "the dress"? Can you track down that perfect vintage look you saw in a magazine... in fourth grade? Perhaps most anxiety-ridden of all, can you afford it?
Buying a prom dress is a major part of being a teenage girl—something to anticipate with excitement, not apprehension. Here are some advices for how to buy a cocktail dress. They will walk you through the steps to buying theperfect prom dress. Keep reading to learn a few tricks to help you buy the dress that's right for you and your budget


1. Start early

For a dress this is important, you will want to start browsing early on to get a sense what you like. Start early you can have a deep consideration for what kind of prom dress is your favorite and perfect for you. You can find the cheap prom dress and save money for you shoes or purse.


2 Save money

Prom-going guys and gals can shell out $1000 or more on clothes and a limo rental. But you can get the look you like for much less. Now we have two advices for you to save much money as you want: first you can get it from the local shop. In the end of the year, there are always some of the online shops will have the year end promotion, take the time you will find your favorite. Or you can search on the internet. The China wholesale companies such as the have lots of prom dresses on line in a wholesale price and high quality. Some of them are replica of the brand dresses. With them you will be as stunning as the red carpet star.


3 find your style

Every year’s fashion show could really give the fashion world some good advices on the fashion trend, but all of them are all for slim and tall girls. So others should go and find the right style and color. Do not forget to bring some one if you want to find one in the local stores. Others always have the eyes good than you. But in my mind, the on line stores always have more options than the local one and some time they even can make dress to measure for you. As far as I know, ( ) can make to measure.


Hope those advices can help you to find your favorite prom dresses.

The prom night is the highlight that most high school would focus on during the school years, also it is the night that you are forward to. Many schools are holding their proms through the end of the term which means that you should prepare you wedding dress in front of it. Some times the prom dress that in your mind is not easy to find and even not right for your age or your body type. Here are few tips for you to find your right prom dress.


1 where to buy

Although our economic is in the recovery stage, there are still lots of stores on promotion. But with the development of internet, a lot of wholesale companies especially the Chinese groups, like continually provide the most affordable prom dress to the world wide in a low price and high quality. Currently there are lots new prom dresses that on show. You can check it in this URL:


2 Who want to buy?

It’s fun to dress a little more grown up, but don’t overdo it on the sexiness. Slutty prom queens tend to regret their choices later. Don’t hide your prom pictures from your kids, dress in a manner befitting a teen. If you have question, you can get connection to the customer service.


3 What kind dress

Choose a light fabric that breathes well. You’ll be dancing all night in a room filled with people and things tend to get too hot. Short sleeves, halters, spaghetti straps and strapless will make you feel more comfortable. If you’re truly worried about being hot and sweaty, there’s plenty of tea and cocktail length formal wear available.


4 When--the age of your body

Talk to the sales staff and ask them to help you find a style appropriate for your body type. You want to accentuate your best features and minimize your problem areas.


5 How to find the right one?

Bring along your mother, sister or good friends to help you find an appropriate style. Often we choose styles that don’t work for us. Someone with an honest opinion can help us find the perfect look.

Then you will get what you want!