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  Lolita is popular in the world now, but most of the lolis are new. They put on their gorgeous Lolita dresses that they picked from one of the best on line shop ( ) and join many activities. But some of them do not know the exact makeup for each Lolita style. We know that Lolita makeup is one of the most important points in Lolita fashion, and it is the last one that makes the finishing point. Here are some general ideas for makeup in Lolita fashion. Remember, it is just suggestion, if you have any problem, leave me a massage.


1 gothic Lolita makeup

Gothic Lolita is one of the most popular styles in Lolita fashion. It is generally influenced by The Victorian Period. so the makeup weighs a lot here. Makeup for this style can range from a light natural look to a dramatic Smokey eye with a dark red lip depending on the outfit and occasion. A common mistake by beginners that is worth mentioning is the use of black lipstick and whiteface. Both whiteface and black lipstick take away from the elegance of the Lolita style and should only be used as stage makeup as a general rule.

2 sweet Lolita makeups

The key point in sweet Lolita fashion is sweet. The hair style, the bowls, the dress, the handbags, the gloves, the shoes and the makeup are all in sweet style. So the Light, natural make-up complements this style. Teased out pigtails and bouncy curls are commonly worn by Sweet Lolita.

3 Casual Lolita
Casual Lolita can best be described as what a Lolita would wear when not 'dressing up.' It is Still modest, and elegant but not as over the top as most other Lolita styles. A great Casual Lolita can be compiled out of any color, as long as you remember to match colors, prints, etc. as you would with any other Lolita style. A simple cardigan over a JSK or skirt creates a nice casual look.

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