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Lolita has become an interesting fashion in the young group. With Lolita fashion’s population in the world, more and more Lolita types are accepted by lolis. But it is hard for newbie to choosing their perfect Lolita clothing. I often heard the question goes like this: somebody help me to choosing the right type Lolita dress? Am I a "real" Lolita if I only like Punk Lolita? Do I have to choose only one style and stick with it forever? I am little plump and is the sweet Lolita dress fit me? Is that OK for me to wear a gothic Lolita dress and the Lolita boots that I got from

Here are some advices for you to choosing the right type Lolita clothing:


1 There is no rules said you could not wear any or all of the styles to your heart content. It means that you could wear mash up for what you like. But do aware the basic color scheme. It goes like if you buy another pink skirt, you have all the same components to put into your outfit. You do not have to run out and get anything new to match it.


2 For those girls that looks a little plump. If you are happy with your jugs and do not mind dressing up as an elegant doll, try the sweet Lolita dresses and gothic Lolita. They have the best curves to cover your redundant body. But when you choosing the Lolita dresses from the on line shops, do ask their customer service if you are not sure with measurement. One of the best on line shops like always has the customer service available in 24 hours.


3 The mash up for Lolita is not popular now, but you could match each others with the color or lace type. For new comers of the loli style, no matter what kind, the biggest warning is also the most logical... It’s treated as any other subculture, weird. People will treat you differently than if you where dressed in a plain T & jeans, responses are good & bad; but remember to stay true to who you are & not give in to any pressure to change.


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1 Free shipping Era for Lolita fashion is really a good on line shopping mall for Lolita fashion. They offer cheap but high quality Lolita fashion clothing like Lolita dresses, skirt and panties in gothic, punk, sweat, classic, kodona, aristocrat style.ect. Now they make their products as well as before but you could get the free shipping if the total cost of your order is over $30. You could save more that you can image.


2 On line hudget Lolita shop: Mbok
Japanese auction sites are gold mines for lolita on a budget, but due to the fact that they’re of course in Japanese this may be scary territory for some.


3 In the Starlight
IT is run by a U.S.-based Lolita named Leah who makes all of the items herself. Being based in the U.S. is one great advantage to ITS as it makes their items that more accessible to many Lolita. Although ITS may not have a huge range of clothing, Leah is more than happy to do custom items if you send her your specifications for a minimal cost.
ITS offers two types of fabrics for those that may want to save a little more money, and are happy with a slightly thinner fabric. Many of ITS’s items also come in a range of colours, and sizes.
ITS also offers an alteration service if you wish to have an item re-sized.


4 Elegant Gothic Lolita Sales
Many of you may be familiar with this community, it is the sister sales community to ‘egl’ on Livejournal, and a fantastic source of new, and second-hand Lolita items. Although you need a Livejournal account to post, with as many as 5 posts per day you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. Because of the rules on this community regarding reposting there’s nearly always something different, and you’re almost always guaranteed an item of good construction. You could get lots of good Lolita dress advice here.

Lolita fashion was inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods. But the most glorious period time was in Japan. Lolita is said to be the street fashion In Japan and it is started there in the 1980’s. Now it has grown to be the relatively popular all over the world. But there are in the world still do not know exact styles of Lilota. So here are the relatively comprehensive collections of theLolita fashion.

There are Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Casual Lolita, Hime Lolita, Shiro Lolita, Kuro Lolita, Classic Lolita, Country Lolita, Sailor Lolita, Wa Lolita, Guro Lolita, Punk Lolita, Ero Lolita, Cosplay Lolita and Kodona Aristocrat. Among them the first 3 was the most popular styles.

1 Gothic Lolita
Although the name 'Gothic' Lolita alludes to goth fashion as a whole, the style is primarily influenced by victorian inspired goth style and not cyber goth or industrial style.


A Gothic Lolita outfit like all Lolita styles, is very modest in today's standards. As with other Lolita styles a Gothic Lolita outfit can usually be recognised by the bell-shaped skirt, and puff-sleeves. A Gothic Lolita outfit is usually comprised of black or rich dark colors such as burgundy, purple and navy. It is common for this style to involve details in complementary or contrasting colors, such as the infamous black and white coordination choice.


2 Sweet Lolita 
Sweet Lolita is the most over-the-top style and includes aesthetics nearly exclusive to Lolita. It is also the most child-like of the Lolita styles, using many bows, ruffles and light colors to make up an outfit. The most common colors used in a Sweet Lolita outfit are pink, white, and powder blue, but an outfit can be made with nearly any pastel or plaid (or nearly any color at all as long as it is not neon).


3 Casual Lolita
Casual Lolita is a more toned down version of the style, while still retaining the basic Lolita elements. It is very hard to put together a nice casual Lolita co-ordination unless you have years of experience or are a natural at it.


Most favored in the Casual Lolita co-ordination is (in a way) simplicity, so a nice simple cut-sew perhaps with a motif of some sort paired with a Lolita skirt and hair accessory/headdress. (However the hair accessories are usually toned-down as well.)
Many lolis said that it is very expensive to get involved into theLolita fashion. Such as the Lolita dresses, Lolita boots and Lolita makeup. If you want be a real lolis, you need to get ready for these entire outfit. It really can frighten lots of new lolis away. Here are some good idea that can save your money intangibly.

1 on line cheap Lolita shop

So far as I know on the internet, there are several on line Chinese wholesale Lolita companies. They all provide the Lolita clothing in a low price and high quality. One of the best company is ( ). The Lolita dresses they provide are really in a fine quality and the best Lolita dress only cost you $56, it really worth that money.


2 Second-hand clothes:
One thing that many new people to the fashion over-look is the world of second-hand shopping. If you’ve done any second-hand shopping before you know that when you look in the right places you can find some amazing bargains.
Because Lolita is such classy and expensive hobby you’ll find that most people will treasure their Lolita clothing, and that most second-hand items will be beautiful cared for, and free of imperfections. Usually in auction listings and sales posts if an item does have an imperfection such as a tear, or a stain the seller will usually provide photos and the price of the item will be reduced dramatically. (A great way to buy if you don’t mind the odd tiny stain, have a bleach-pen or are handy with a needle and thread!)
So this wonderful world of second-hand clothing is waiting for you, but where do you go to get it? I tell you that livejournal would be the first place you should go and check the Elegant Gothic Lolita Sales. I am sure there are lots of people willing to share their stuff with you.

3 Sewing your own clothes:

If you’re handy with a sewing machine you may consider making your own clothes. By making something yourself you’re only paying for the cost of the materials to make a piece of clothing, without paying for someone else’s time or shipping, etc. etc. This also allows you the freedom to experiment with your own designs, and use your own fabrics. The Gothic Lolita Bibles are full of craft ideas, and sewing patterns to help lolis who wish to make their own clothing.


Those are all personal advices, if you have some other good ideas, leave me a massage. I would very appreciate it. all for Lolita fashion.
  Lolita is popular in the world now, but most of the lolis are new. They put on their gorgeous Lolita dresses that they picked from one of the best on line shop ( ) and join many activities. But some of them do not know the exact makeup for each Lolita style. We know that Lolita makeup is one of the most important points in Lolita fashion, and it is the last one that makes the finishing point. Here are some general ideas for makeup in Lolita fashion. Remember, it is just suggestion, if you have any problem, leave me a massage.


1 gothic Lolita makeup

Gothic Lolita is one of the most popular styles in Lolita fashion. It is generally influenced by The Victorian Period. so the makeup weighs a lot here. Makeup for this style can range from a light natural look to a dramatic Smokey eye with a dark red lip depending on the outfit and occasion. A common mistake by beginners that is worth mentioning is the use of black lipstick and whiteface. Both whiteface and black lipstick take away from the elegance of the Lolita style and should only be used as stage makeup as a general rule.

2 sweet Lolita makeups

The key point in sweet Lolita fashion is sweet. The hair style, the bowls, the dress, the handbags, the gloves, the shoes and the makeup are all in sweet style. So the Light, natural make-up complements this style. Teased out pigtails and bouncy curls are commonly worn by Sweet Lolita.

3 Casual Lolita
Casual Lolita can best be described as what a Lolita would wear when not 'dressing up.' It is Still modest, and elegant but not as over the top as most other Lolita styles. A great Casual Lolita can be compiled out of any color, as long as you remember to match colors, prints, etc. as you would with any other Lolita style. A simple cardigan over a JSK or skirt creates a nice casual look.

It was a complete embarrassment, and it went a long way in ending their playoff hopes.

Matt Moore(notes) and the Carolina Panthers (7-8) turned the Giants’ 273rd and final game in the 34-year-old stadium into one of their ugliest moments in their franchise history with a 41-9 rout on Sunday.

Coupled with Green Bay’s win over Seattle and Dallas’ victory over Washington on Sunday night, the loss eliminated the Giants (8-7) from playoff contention for the first time in five years, something totally unexpected after a 5-0 start.

New York will close out the season next Sunday at Minnesota.

“It’s tough,” Tuck said after a seventh loss in 10 games. “We had everything at stake playing a team that was only playing for pride, and I guess pride won today. We should have been playing with a little pride ourselves.”

The Giants knew that they probably needed to win their final two games and hope that either Green Bay or Dallas lost one of their remaining two to get to the postseason.

The stunning aspect was the Giants’ no-show effort. After turning the ball over deep in Carolina territory on their first possession, they were horrible and the fans, who came expecting one great final effort at home, let the “boos” fly before heading home well before the game ended.

“For us to play the way we did today, there is obviously no excuse for it,” coach Tom Coughlin said after his team turned over the ball four times and allowed the Panthers to score on six of their first seven possessions.

Moore threw three touchdown passes, Jonathan Stewart(notes) rushed for a franchise-best 206 yards and the Panthers shredded New York’s defense for 416 yards, including 247 rushing.

“We had to come out here and play tough and play to win, regardless of what they had on the line,” said Moore, who completed 15 of 20 passes for 171 in his seventh NFL start.

Coming off a 45-12 throttling of Washington, the Giants came up with another weak effort after a big win, their trademark this season.

“I told someone on the sideline that exact quote, that we have been part of the highest of highs,” Tuck said. “but as far as my vantage point, this is the lowest I have been in a Giants’ uniform.”

Stewart, who now has 1,008 yards rushing this season and joined teammate DeAngelo Williams (1,117) in the 1,000-yard club this season, ran for a 29-yard touchdown and set up another score by Brad Hoover with a 52-yard run.

Eli Manning threw a 2-yard touchdown pass to Steve Smith and Lawrence Tynes kicked a 40-yard field goal for the Giants, who didn’t score until Carolina built a 31-0 lead early in the third quarter.

“It is shocking and it is disappointing,” said Manning, who finished 29 of 43 for 296 yards and two interceptions. “When you have a shot to get into the playoffs and everything is right in front of us, to come and have mistakes and turnovers and penalties, we did about everything we could just to try to lose that game.”

The victory was the third in four games for Panthers coach John Fox, whose future with the team remains cloudy.

The Giants only looked good on their opening drive. Manning methodically drove New York downfield and appeared to cap an 80-yard drive with a 26-yard touchdown pass to the Giants’ Steve Smith.

However, the play was called back by a holding penalty against fullback Madison Hedgecock and the drive eventually ended when Mario Manningham fumbled on third down at the Panthers 17.

Everything after that was all Carolina.

Moore led the Panthers on a 15-play drive before settling for a 38-yard field goal by John Kasay.

Carolina scored on drives of 63, 51 and 29 yards on its next three possession, the last set up by Richard Marshall’s interception.

The sloppy Giants, who missed tackles all game, didn’t get a hand on Stewart on his cutback touchdown run that stretched the lead to 10-0.

“Even though we’ve had some ups and downs, the character of this team is showing as the season comes to an end,” said Stewart, who averaged 7.4 yards a carry.

Moore extended the lead to 17-0 with a 22-yard sideline go pattern to Muhsin Muhammad, and encouraged more boos from the crowd with a 2-yard TD toss to wide-open tight end Jeff King minutes later.

Moore found Carolina’s Steve Smith for a 27-yard TD on the opening possession of the third quarter, but Smith broke his arm on the play and left the game. He is scheduled to have surgery on Monday.

Carolina also got a 27-yard field goal from Kasay and a 1-yard touchdown run by Hoover, a score set up by a 52-yard run by Stewart.

“You’ve got to credit the offensive line,” Moore said. “They did a great job, but the guy just runs angry and you can’t bring him down. You think he’s going down and he goes for another 15.”

Notes: After getting five sacks last week, the Giants had one. … Carolina LB Jon Beason had a game-high 13 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a pass defensed. … Julius Peppers also had a sack for the Panthers. … The Giants were 4-4 at home this season. … Giants WR Steve Smith had game-high nine catches for 70 yards, giving him 99 catches for the season.
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 Summary: Allen Iverson leaving and joining became the key point that the A.I fans cares. Now both A.I and fans should thank 76ers that now A.I has place to show himself and we can see A.I playing again. Maybe it is only a corner in his car

 Days before, we saw a video that Allen Iverson was crying. I am sure that many people have seen it and lots of them leave their comments. All I want to say is do not judge a person without any trying. It just like you has already ordered your favorite cheap wedding dress from the on-line shop, such as the Once you find the bad comments on your products and you will feel disappointed and hate that company. This video didn't show the first question that brought Allen to tears, so we really don't know why he got so emotional. BTW, Allen is just like Kobe; he's a good ball player, but not a virtuous ball team player. In Detroit, Allen was the 6th player and didn't like being asked to sit on the bench. We are all Not sure about his Memphis days, but I got a feeling the chemistry wasn't there. Has he changed or learned any lessons? Let's wait and see.


From his basket playing history we can see that Iverson has always been an emotional, passionate person. That is why I know that he is one of the best ever to grace the court. We all have our moments. Especially when you think that something is going be taken away from your but then you see that you get another chance.


I've always been a fan of A.I. he just was going through something. his Memphis days seem not so good. He had to get those demons out of him. Even though there are still gonna be ups and down but he has to keep God first. Maybe A.I. will learn to humble himself. But I want t tell you that I applaud Allen for doing this. This is showing just how human he really is. Now I can't say the same for Libran James and Kobe Bryant. They're the ones who need to really humble themselves. They're totally cocky and way overrated.


AI return to 76ers made us think a lot. How his life goes in the future all depend on him. The people who insist on another man may because he loves to play ball. like what he said “if you take ball away from me the only thing i know is how to do is be a good father”. So let the man do what he good at and what he likes. No matter what you do in this world someone is surely going to not like it or hate.

“A.I is a true nigga, he is the best in the game, look deeper than basketball. Everybody make mistakes it's apart of our life. He has millions of millions of dollars and he's so emotional after 12 years he still has the same feeling for the game. I respect this nigga.” One of his fans said.


What actually happened to AI in the future is unknown. Let’s wait and see.

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If most reports from Saturday night are true, I am right. Obviously, it is true.

I know most people are sad at the moment.

If you loved Allen Iverson, and you appreciate him for the extraordinary skills, praise him scoring ability and you are indulge in his untamed personality, or admire him simply because of his survive with his 1.83 meters in those tall boys.

So now we just remember him as a hero in that century. When he chose to leave, we should let him go. Since we remember him in the heart, we’re not afraid to lose him in our minds. Even if he will disappear from the NBA Stadium, we will always remember his “never say die" spirit and his unsubstitutive crucial role.

I got that news from ESPN news when I search cheap wedding dress in I am crazy about Allen Iverson. I hope A.I good luck all the way. My husband and I will pray for him in our wedding ceremony.

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